Frequently Asked Questions.

How much cash are trees worth? It isn’t uncommon for an acre of land to generate a half dozen truckloads. If those particular trees are in demand at that time, the homeowner would receive several thousand dollars. Larger tracts of land result in considerably more income — tens of thousands of dollars.

What’s the first step? Call Anderson Logging to set up a free survey of the land. We’ll verify the property boundaries, inventory the trees, give you an estimate of the value, and tender an offer to harvest.

OK, then what? After the agreement is signed and the necessary permits are filed, work will begin immediately. Some state permits take several weeks to process, but local and county permits can usually be processed in a few days.

How long does it take to receive funds? The income from the harvest will be mailed directly to the homeowner within one or two weeks of the milling. Typically, logs are milled into lumber immediately after arriving at the lumber mill.

What sort of permits are required? It varies depending on the size and type of the lot, and on the quantity of lumber harvested. Large numbers of trees may require a state permit, but typically county permits are applied to projects of less than five acres. Some residential lots require no permits at all.

Who files the paperwork? Anderson Logging does. The homeowner will be required to sign an agreement, but no up-front or hidden fees are required. We will need written consent to proceed from the legal property owner or owners.

After the trees have been taken down and hauled away, what will property look like? Depending upon what the owner is looking for, the land might be simply thinned out or completely cleared. Stacks of debris will be left for burning or haul-away. We can provide both services. Stumps are cut as low as practical.

Will the land be re-seeded? Almost all logging permits (county and state) require a degree of re-planting within three years of harvesting timber, and that is included in our contract at no charge.


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