If you have trees you want to harvest, or land you want cleared, call us.

We’re an extremely experienced, highly professional logging team. We understand the business and know how to go about it quickly and efficiently.

Anderson Construction.

Doug Anderson is a third-generation logger, and his family has been harvesting trees and performing related services in Western Puget Sound since before 1900. Doug himself has been doing the work for about 35 years, and he has a large, well-equipped team of professionals working for him today.

The company is a licensed general contractor and is fully bonded and insured. A straightforward, honest approach to business assures customers that the logging process will be above board and risk-free. With decades of experience in the industry, key relationships with various government agencies and other professionals have been developed. This often gives Anderson customers a significant advantage when time is of the essence.

Cash for your timber!

If you have acreage with timber, consider turning that resource into cash. You can simply harvest the trees by selectively harvesting the most valuable ones, or clear cut the property so that it can be developed. Fir, Cedar, and Alder are especially in demand right now, but virtually any species can be converted into lumber.

The team of Anderson professionals will:
•  Research and file necessary permits, and follow up with the government inspectors.
•  Create access to the site if one does not already exist.
•  Harvest the trees and ship them to the mill best suited for the circumstances. Relationships with several different mills have been developed through the years, giving Anderson a competitive advantage.
•  Sort, cut, and stack the smaller timber for use as firewood. This can be sold or left on site for the property owner’s use.
•  Collect the remaining debris into manageable piles for haul-away or burning.*

The net income from the harvested timber will be split between Anderson Logging and the property owner. Payment will be made directly to the customer by the mill, who will also pay the tree cutting crew. The process is virtually risk-free with no up front costs, and the homeowner will receive a check within days of the trees being dropped.


Currently, Anderson’s Logging operations has more than 20 pieces of heavy equipment, making it possible to handle small or large projects, simple or complex. Besides basic logging, the company provides services for:
•  Home site grading.
•  Driveways and access roads.
•  Erosion control.
•  Selective tree harvesting.
•  Clear cutting.
•  Stump removal.

The inventory of major equipment includes:
•  Caterpillars.
•  Loaders.
•  Skidders.
•  Back Hoes.
•  Excavators.
•  Flatbed and dump trucks.

Additional specialized equipment is also available.

Our phone number is 360-813-4484
Email is AndersonLogging@Yahoo.com
Also visit our website: AndersonLogging.Wordpress.com

*If the latter option is preferred, Anderson Logging will file the necessary burn permits  and complete the process when no burn bans are in effect. If the homeowner prefers to have the trimmings and waste hauled to a landfill, Anderson will provide that service for a modest fee.

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